40 Ft Lux

40' x 16' x 9.5'

40 Ft Lux

40' x 16' x 9.5'

40 Ft Lux

40' x 16' x 9.5'

40 Ft Lux

40' x 16' x 9.5'

40 Ft Lux

40' x 16' x 9.5'

Product Specs

Floor Plans & Pricing

40' x 16' x 9.5'


40' Affordable Container Home

Fully equipped at $146,924

Two 40' high cube, one-trip container

Three 48" x 48" operable windows installed

One 48" x 36" window installed

One 24’ x24’ window installed

Two bedroom

Full Kitchen features

Full bathroom features

HVAC, Framing, Insulation, Drywall and Electrical

Trim work

Interior and exterior primer/paint

Quality inspections with third party inspection reports and insignias



Additional Features

Ori Living Furniture

Custom paint choice

Additional doors/windows

Furniture package


Off-grid components

Exterior Deck

Hardware finishes

Custom tile/fixtures


Green roof system

Security system

Built-in storage

Truly Affordable Homes

Shipping container homes have one very appealing and unique feature that standard construction homes don’t have – they can be easily transported anywhere you want to go so you can take your home with you anywhere you move in the world!  They have a smaller footprint than other types of construction and can be configured in many ways or stacked on top of each other which makes scaling your housing project easy and efficient.

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