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Why use a recycled shipping container?

Recycled steel = sustainable structure = smaller footprint. Containers are made from Corten steel = extremely strong and durable material. Also Structurally engineered to stand up to weather with and seismic activity.

How much does it cost?

Contact us for a quote. Fully equipped prices are listed next to each model. We will provide you with options to upgrade or make additions for aesthetics and comforts. Or you can choose to buy your own appliances, interior finishes and amenities, and we will lower the price!

How long will my build take?

We finish builds in our production facility in as little as 14-16 weeks depending on where it is being shipped!

Delivery and Transportation?

Your build will be transported via flatbed truck. Assuming you already have your land, you may need to prepare by grading your land and/or building a foundation for your build. You will also need to hire a crane to get it off the flatbed and place.

How long to container homes last?

Container homes traditionally last 30-50 years with little to no maintenance. If well taken care of, container homes live as long as traditional buildings!

Options available for financing?

No we do not offer financing directly however we are able to help connect you with resources for financing your project that best fit your budget.

Can I build anywhere in the US or Canada?

YES! Our Containers can be placed on land anywhere with a structured helical pier foundation!

Are structures built to code?

YES! Integrated Modular Solutions builds dwellings to the standards based in the International Building Codes. If your project requires additional building requirements, we help you get all relevant information to ensure your home will comply with all building regulations in your area.

Warranty Policy?

IMS offers a one-year warranty for all workmanship on our builds.  In addition, we will provide you with the manufacturers’ warranties for any components installed (air conditioner, refrigerator, etc.).

Will my container rust?

NO! Containers now are made of non-corrosive Corten steel and painted accordingly. This gives the overall structure a very high rust resistance.

Is my container considered mobile?

No, however single container homes can be moved easily off of their foundation to another location. Once you start getting into multiple container design, it becomes much more difficult.

Do you do custom container homes?

Yes we can do that also however it usually will require a deposit to design unless you have your own plans!

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